Monster & Chips

Monster and Chips is a mouth-watering series, serving up the hilarious adventures of one boy in a world of wacky monsters.

Somewhere in suburbia, or maybe in the middle of the city, there is a very special diner. What’s so special about it? Well, it does the best chips ANYWHERE but also its customers are all monsters...

When Joe the ‘hooman’ gets a job at Fuzzby’s diner, he learns to bake zombie-cupcakes, parp tarts and stinky coughy pudding. He also foils a terrible plan to sabotage the annual Monsterchef competition.

Food Fright

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Night of the Living Bread

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Monsters & Chips

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With cartoon strips, revolting recipes and a Special’s Board that’ll make your tummy churn, take a seat at Fuzzby’s and join the fun.


Create your own monster for a chance to win a MINI ART STUDIO plus a SIGNED monster drawing from author David O’Connell!

Think of the grossest, smelliest, ugliest, FOULEST monster you can, draw a picture and send it in for your chance to win!

Send your monster, along with your name, country, age and email address to:

Monster and Chips Create Your Own Monster Competition
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Or email us at

Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering Competition closes at 23:59pm 1 July 2014.

You must have your parent’s permission to enter this competition.

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Written by Sam, age 9, for

Monster and Chips is the comical tale of Joe, a boy who stumbles into a monster diner by mistake. Joe ends up helping Fuzzby, the huge green monster who runs the diner, as he creates weird and wonderful food for his strange customers and attempts to win the Monsterchef competition.

The ingredients they use are bizarre and often aggressive like the growling cabbages and mucous mustard. The dishes on the menu are totally disgusting and out of this world and I would absolutely never want to try any of them (except maybe the chips!). They even created zombie cupcakes which wanted to eat Joe's brain, although only one cake called Cuthbert eventually survived. There's a four eyed 'cat' with tentacles, called Barry, a family of not very bright rocks called the Guzzelins and many more freaky creatures. This brilliantly funny book is packed full of hilarious illustrations and cartoons.

It made me laugh out loud again and again. If you like funny stories you'll love this!